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"A hearty weed in the garden of American poetry."


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 “Morrison’s rock star past haunts much of his writing, but his eye for detail and his razor-sharp sense of humor elevate his words into something much more than that — something visceral and anchored in the real world, whether it’s in the past or the present.”  (Emily Burnham, Bangor Daily News)

“Morrison can be trusted to not waste your time; every poem is worth the read. He never missteps in his wistful yet frank look at the bars, motels, managers, band members and girl friends that make up the world of Boston rock. It's a perfect book for late night with a drink…” (Paul Lovell, Boston Groupie News)

“By tapping into his tumultuous past, Morrison has created work that is not only technically sound, but viscerally engaging. His is no passive verse; it grabs you by the collar and demands your attention.  (Allen Adams, themaineedge.com)

CLUBLAND is a powerful, compelling theme book that examines the world of blue-collar New England rock and roll from the musicians’ point of view. This collection will leave you feeling energized, buoyed up, sucked dry, exhausted, hungover and hopeful in turn, and finally, feeling that “all in all it’s good to be alive/it’s good to try, it’s even good to fail.” (Alice Persons, Editor and Publisher, Moon Pie Press)

Dave Morrison’s narrative universe is vividly cinematic: poem/portraits that are Rock-bottom genuine, totally direct, and disarmingly moving, packed with human attitude and artifact. He presents a cast of lonely figures filled with shy hope as they swing between the desire for the companionship of others and the frantic attempt to preserve their integrity.   (Ted Bookey, Poet and Teacher)

"…this collection rocks so hard: it's about the dogged persistence of doing what we all had no business doing, and yet continued to do ... on dance floors, in club bathrooms, in back seats, under tables.  It might not have been beautiful, but it was true.  And truth is beauty. And it rocks."  (Sharon Mesmer, author of Virgin Formica and Annoying Diabetic Bitch)


Clubland     poems by Dave Morrison


“ This is no flowery prissy crap but succinct scenes with characters and situations we rockers have experienced”

I had hopes for this. A book of poetry focused on the rock and roll lifestyle — this could go either way. As it turns out, it’s right on the mark. Dave has the right voice for this look at Clubland.
It seems like Dave has remembered everything from his days in the Trademarks and put it to good use here. He never missteps in his wistful yet frank look at the bars, motels, managers, band members and girl friends that make up the world of Boston Citgo sign-Bunratty’s-hit Storrow Drive to get there rock.
He captures the moments with friends and lovers, bar veterans, music fans with fidelity. Time and time again the poems brought me to a place or feeling that was so familiar. Mysterious Gift has a point that reminds me of the way I feel in the middle of a great show:

“And just like that point when a plane leaves the ground
she’s no longer thinking, watching, aware
she’s swimming alone in a womb of sound
she’s simultaneously there and not there.”

Dave says in the afterward that he was trying to use this material first as a book but I like the way these scenes play out in short form like the piece called Come On. The short lines describe a scene that sticks in the mind in a way I think a prose version wouldn’t. One stanza goes :

“But a Saturday night should not be missed
these moments just don’t last that long
she smiled and grabbed him by his wrist
“come on” she said “I love this song!”"

In Walking Home there is an image that the whole city could appreciate:

“The morning traffic jams up Storrow Drive.
like thoroughbreds bunched up along the rail”

There is more structure in the poems this time around but this is light material: it’s like a pop song not a symphony. Morrison can be trusted to not waste your time; every poem is worth the read. It’s a perfect book for late night with a drink and a good gift for someone on the scene.
We now have a poetry book that comes from Boston rock; how cool is that?

(Boston Groupie News)


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